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The 32Red Casino has established itself as one of the premier online wagering establishments in the industry. Those looking to take part in a wide variety of games definitely will find this particular establishment worth the time investment.

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• Website: www.32red.com
• Established: 2002
• Country: United Kingdom
• Support: Live Chat, E-mail
• Deposit Bonus: 160£/€/$
• Minimum Deposit: 10£/€/$
• Payout Percentage: 96.26 %
•Software: Microgaming
• Where to Play: United Kingdom, Canada, Germany

32 Red Online Casino Review

32Red is a British company based out of Gibralter. Currently, the casino is a member of the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA). The accolades levied at the casino are well deserved. The Casinomeister Awards even named it the Best Casino of the Decade.

£€$160 Welcome Bonus Waiting for you

Great Value Bonus

£€$160 is waiting for you as a new player at 32 Red! Grab it now and enjoy the fun, the slots and the casino games.

The Perfect Casino Gaming Experience

With over 600 games to choose from, this online casino has something for everyone. The thing that makes this even better is that there are always promotions going on. For example, you can get free credits just for signing up, which means you can play before you pay. Another promotion that is offered is first deposit bonus. With this promotion, you get £32 for every £10 that you deposit. They have many other daily promotions that make the whole experience more fun. The promotion page is very easy to find and it gives very thorough details on each of the promotions. Make sure to check daily since the promotions and deals are always changing.

They have games available in many different categories. This website offers over 295 slot machines, 10 live casino games, 9 roulette games, and 26 black jack games. Not only do they have slot games that show popular shows and symbols, such as Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park, but they also have slot games that are less known such as Frozen Diamonds and Secret Romance. When you go to the slot page, you can view all of the games that are available for play. Something that really stands out about this page is that all of the games have very bright colors and all of the pictures are really eye catching. They also have the names right on the picture, in very large letters.

With that being said, you can see if the pictures and colors jump out at you instead of just looking at a list of names. Another thing that stands out is that when you hover your mouse over the picture you can either choose to play for money or you can do a demo play. The demo play is good for if you aren't sure if you're going to like the way the game plays or the bonuses that are offered. It's good because you can play BEFORE you pay. With the demo, you also don't have to have an account but if you choose to just play then you have to be logged in.

Not only do the slots have many ways to win but it also has bonus features where you can win more money or free spins. Who doesn't love these? This is a good way to win extra money without spending additional money. Another thing about the slots that needs to be pointed out is that there are different bet and line amounts. You don't have to automatically do the max on both of them. With that being said, the more you bet and the more lines you do then the higher the payout will be.

With the live games, you will be playing with other people in real time. They don't have too many of these games offered but a few that they DO offer are: Roulette and 3 Card Poker. These games tend to go very quickly since they are going in live time. One thing you have to watch with this type of game is that you can spend all your money very quickly. Since the games are back to back and you can't play at your leisure, you could lose track of time and before you know it you might be out of money! Another thing to watch out for is that there might not be a lot of time in between games. The thing about that is if you pay for your game you shouldn't leave your computer because you could miss the entire game and then you ended up wasting money.

The next type of gaming that this online casino offers is roulette. Similar to the live games, they don't offer too many different types of this. With that being said a few that they do offer include High Limit European Roulette and French Roulette. While this game isn't live, the game is still played pretty quickly. With that being said, you can still play on your own time and enjoy the experience. The wins will differ depending on how much money you bet and how many spaces you bet on. The higher the amount and the more spaces you bet on then the higher the potential payout will be.

This online casino has quite a few different types of Black Jack games. A few of those include: Classic Black Jack Gold Series and Vegas Strip Gold Series. A good thing about this type of gaming is that you can decide how much you want to bet on each hand. Even though there is a minimum amount that you HAVE to play, you can decide the amount after that. For example, if the minimum amount is £15, you can decide if that's the highest you want to play or you can bet a higher amount. Another thing to point out about this type of gaming on this specific website is that not only do they have normal black jack but they also have games that are for high betting players only. The high betting games are going to have a bigger payout than the normal games since there is a higher risk involved.

Another type of game that this online casino offers is jackpot games. With this type of gaming, there are some pretty substantial jackpots offered. These types of jackpots are progressive jackpots. What that means is that the jackpot amount goes up every single time the game is played but the jackpot isn't won. Since this is the way it is, the jackpots can be either small or big. For example, if the jackpot is hit on the 8th play then the amount won will be significantly smaller than if the jackpot is won on the 100th play. With that being said, more plays equals a higher payout.

Something cool about this online casino is that they actually offer tournaments. They have many different types. The first is called free rolls. With this tournament you can win anything from cash to free entries into other tournaments. The way you usually get free rolls is by being in the top specified number for the day. For example, you can have a chance to win cash if you finish in the top 10 biggest winners for the day. The next type is paid tournaments. With this type of tournament, a player has to first buy-in before they can play. Even though, there are many different buy-in amounts, the game will tell what the actual buy-in is before you enter. One last type of tournament you can buy is rebuys and continues. With this, you can pay to try and beat your previous score so you can have a chance to win bigger amounts of money. The good thing with this is that if you don't get a higher score with your buy-in then you don't lose your spot on the leaderboard. In other words, they use the player's highest score.

When it comes to the help center, this website has many different options to get your questions answered. Not only can you contact them through email, instant chat, and telephone but you can also search for questions that have already been answered. It has a lot of information from deposits and withdraws all the way to how to send in the documents that are needed to play. They really care about getting all your questions answered.

Now that you know more about this online casino gaming website, you can decide if it's something you'd be interested in playing. Something that is important to point out, again, is that you CAN do a demo play on the slots before you pay to play. Also, remember that for every £32 you deposit you get £10 deposited at no additional cost to you. Since there are so many types of games offered, there is bound to be something for everyone. One last thing that needs to be pointed out is that this website only caters to people in certain areas. Once you try to register, if you aren't in one of those areas then you won't be able to continue with the process.

Some people are concerned about whether or not an online casino is trustworthy and you can rest assured with this one because they have won many awards. This British based company is 100% licensed. What this means is that they have to undergo many audits and checks. With that being the case, you can be assured that all your information will be protected and you won't have to worry about any of your personal or financial information being sold or leaked.

The ability to provide a truly outstanding gaming experience to players has contributed to the 32Red casino rising to the level of prominence it deserves. The casino offers a massive 550 casino games to choose from and there is also a live casino option available to those who might not always want to play on a software platform.

32Red has surpassed a huge number of competitors and is likely to remain a major player in the online casino world for many years to come.

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Great Casino Games

At first glance, it is hard not to be impressed by all the different games you can select from at this casino. Yes, all the traditional games are on display and that is certainly a positive. Equally impressive are some of the most unique games available for play. Multi-hand video poker and stud poker are going to appeal to those looking for a twist on familiar favorites. The same can be said of the inclusion of simple to play games such as Scratch Pad. Do you like slots? There are scores of them at this casino and they come with various themes. You'll never be bored trying to figure out which theme is for you.

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Taking Advantages of Bonuses from the Casino

New members to the casino are going to be thrilled at the promotional and bonus offers presented to them. Playing with the house's money surely has its rewards. A £10/$10 no deposit free bonus is available to those who register. Once you do decide to make an actual bonus, you are able to take advantage of a great deal: 320% matching funds up to $/£160. That is quite a bit of “free money” to play with and the funds could contribute to a great win streak.

The bonuses and promotions really do keep coming from this outstanding online casino. Special bonuses for online slots and table games are available. So are bonuses for loyalty points on Tuesday. Really, this casino is incredibly generous when it comes to giving out bonus money. Do you place promotions above all else when it comes to selecting a casino? If so, then you want to take a closer look at what 32Red casino has to offer.

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Reliable Software

No one wants to game at an online casino that lacks reliable software that won't crash or cause other problems while playing. 32Red utilizes Microgaming software. As such, the chances of major problems occurring with the software are quite minimal.

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Support and Banking

Great customer service is a must-have attribute with any online casino. 32Red presents 24/7 support, which is enormously helpful to those who may have concerns or issues they cannot settle on their own. Telephone, instant chat, and email are all ways in which the casino can be contacted. No matter how you choose to contact the support, you can be sure a professional and timely response is delivered.

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Buying and redeeming funds at the casino is relatively easy. Credit can debit cards along with Paypal, money transfer services, and virtual Visa cards. Of course, all requests to deposit or withdrawal are performed with the utmost speed and care.

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A Top Casino

Why invest time or money in any casino that is not one of the best? The 32Red Casino has long since established itself as one of the best online casinos in the industry. Look over the casino's website and think about joining.


If you enjoy playing games on an online casino then this is for you. The casino that will be talked about is called 32 Red.


Something to point out is that since it's just a demo play and you don't have to be logged in, you can't win actual money with it. It's more for just getting a feel for the way the game is played.


Another great thing about this online casino is that they ARE well known so it's not like you will be playing on a newly established website. They are very respected in the online casino industry. There have been actual winners on this website. For example, there have been winnings as high as $88,636.32.
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