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For anyone who is looking to enjoy a fun time at a casino but either isn't close to a casino or simply does not want to drive out to one, there needs to be another option. This is where the African Palace Casino comes in. At the African Palace Casino, it is possible for individuals to play all sorts of different games, have a good time and enjoy themselves, all while playing their favorite game online, right in the comfort of their own home. Before logging onto African Palace Casino and setting up an account, it is important to learn a bit more about the casino and what it is able to offer them.

Get 10 Free Spins and an Additional $500 in Matching Bonuses

Th African Palace Casino is, as one might guess, African themed. It is designed to look like a big-game safari lodge where someone might have stopped during the 1920s. It is a nice, fresh take on online casinos and really does give a unique feel to it. That alone is a welcome change from many of the other casino services. The African Palace Casino opened in 2013 and has been running strong ever since. It is not the newest online casino on the block, but it isn't as old as others.

Game Selection at the African Palace Casino

There are all sorts of different games an individual can take advantage of when playing with African Palace Casino. Really, if there is a form of casino game play an individual likes, they can find it with the African Palace Casino. Progressive jackpots is always one of the most popular games, no matter where someone likes to play. There are classic slots and video slots as well, so if there is some form of slot machines a player enjoys, there is a high chance they are going to find it with African Palace Casino.

Beyond just slots though, there are plenty of card and table games. A variety of poker games keeps things interesting, and blackjack is available as well. Roulette is there for those who enjoy it, plus several other more traditional table games. If someone wants a live dealer, these options are on the table as well. Really, whatever someone is coming to a casino to play, they are going to find it at African Palace Casino.

Lastly, there are more traditional video game arcade games, so players can play games similar to what they might have found in an older arcade during the 90s. There is even a selection of scratch cards, so if a player wants to leave winning completely up to chance and just wants instant gratification, the scratch cards is a great way to do this. Lastly, there are several popular Asian casino games, including different dice games, so for individuals who have gambled in Asia before and want to continue on, they can find what they need here.

Mobile Casino

Mobile gameplay is growing, yet it is not fully supported at African Palace Casino. Now, this does not mean an individual is unable to play mobile games through their phone. They can still log onto the African Palace Casino website and play games on their phone or tablet. The only difference is there is no specific mobile version to download and install. So, with this being said, an individual needs to log on through the Internet browser and play the game this way.

Casino Software

With the wide selection of games found at African Palace Casino, there is no limit to the kind of gaming developers the company uses. Both NetEnt and Microgaming are the major players, but chances are, if there is a designer that creates slot games and casino games, at least one of the options is going to be found at African Palace Casino. It just so happens that NetEnt and Microgaming are the two most popular.

Promotions and Bonuses

There are several different bonuses for signing up with African Palace Casino. In face, it is possible to receive an excellent amount of return money thanks to these bonuses. For starters, it is possible to receive a 200 percent bonus on the initial deposit. This means, if someone deposits $300 into their account, they will receive $600 additional in play money, allowing them to use a total of $900. It doesn't just stop here though. The second deposit comes with a $150 match amount, the third deposit comes with an up to $100 match amount and the fourth deposit comes with a $50 match amount. This way, a player is able to continue on increasing the amount of money they have to play with.

There are usually a few promotions running as well. When someone signs up, the instantly receive $500 in free bonus money (on top of the 200 percent match bonus). There is a Happy Hour bonus, where a player is able to receive two for one deposits on different days of the week (these change on a regular basis, so it is a good idea to look up what the current weekly Happy Hour times are. Plus, a player is able to invite a friend to play on the African Palace Casino and receive a bonus as well. The African Palace Casino is all about making players happy and it certain does this with all of the different promotion offerings.

For people who are interested in playing on the African Palace Casino, it is available in most English speaking regions around the world (and a few non-English speaking locations). First, it is available throughout Europe. This includes the UK and Ireland. It is available in Australia and New Zealand and it is also available in Canada and even the United States (most online casinos are not available in the U.S., so this is a rarity). So, gamers looking to take advantage of an online casino and have been shopping around for possible the best offering out there, the African Palace Casino might just be the online casino to come check out.

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Date: November 10, 2015

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