Battle Mania

battle mania slot
Battle Mania by Microgaming’s developing studio Skilzzz Gaming is a fantastic and unique slot. The special thing about the slot is that it is not a slot machine, although you will find it under the slot machines genre at online casinos. It has no reels or lines, as it is a Fantasy RPG game that involves Card Battles. So choose your warriors carefully, defeat your enemies and reap the rewards.

The slot machine is playable through a variety of devices with different operating systems so that you can play it on your Android, iPhone, laptop or Desktop alike. You will also be able to play it here for free with demo coins to see the gameplay it has for you.

Best Casino Slots for Real Money
Best Casino Slots for Real Money
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Fantasy RPG!

Battle Mania is a 0-reel slot machine, do not be surprised, it is not a typo, as there are no reels and no lines in this game. It is a Card Battle game with a Fantasy RPG theme. You will choose a deck of warriors, and battle enemies using unique features and abilities to try to defeat them so you can claim rewards in return. The slot is playable on a variety of devices, phones, and tablets, whether they run on iOS, Windows or Android. You can also give the Fantasy RPG themed game a few rounds for free, right here so you can get to know it, understand it before you start battling enemies and earning back real cash.

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Slot Overview

Battle Mania is a unique video slot machine by Microgaming, through one of its independent studios, Skilzzz Gaming. The thing about the slot is that there are no reels to lines, yes, you read it right, as it is an RPG Card Battle game with a sense of slot machines. So if you are seeking a traditional gaming experience with lines, reels and wild logos, then you should skip to the next slot. On the other hand, if you as a player is seeking to experience something new, or if you are an RPG Card Gaming fan, then you will instantly fall in love with this new title, Battle Mania. Through the game, you will pick a deck of cards, fight monsters, use spells and tricks to defeat them, and you will get a payout depending on your progress. Battle Mania has fantastic 3D visuals and animations that will immerse you into the fantasy world of the game. You can play it on a variety of devices and operating systems, as Microgaming made sure that the title is playable across Androids, iPhones, tablets, Windows Laptops, and Desktops. You can also give it a few rounds for free right here so you can see the unique experience and its offering.

The Story Behind the Slot’s Theme

Battle Mania is a unique slot that does not have any lines or reels. It has a fantasy RPG theme. You will join fantasy warriors as you go in battle with enemy warriors so you can defeat them and claim rewards. So you better be ready to enter a world of witches, knights, warlocks, and wizards. Therefore, if you like games like final fantasy, Warcraft, and Card Battle games like Hearthstone, then you will undoubtedly enjoy this unique slot by Microgaming and its developing studio, Skilzzz Gaming.

Gaming Format and Visuals

Battle Mania by Microgaming/Skilzzz gaming does not come with any reels or paylines, and no symbols you will try to match and no scatters. It has turn-based gameplay, with an RPG theme, just like Card Battle games like Pokémon or Hearthstone. Of course, you might think that the game is daunting, mainly if you are used to other traditional slot machines, but it is unique, new and innovative.

The slot begins with you picking your deck, where you will choose a party of five brave warriors. Every selection you make is going to have a direct impact on the gameplay and the volatility of the game. Once you’ve decided on your party of warriors, by using a combination of unique spells and ability cards, you are going to try to defeat the enemy warriors and vanquish them so you can earn a coin reward. During the gameplay, you can receive unique stones that can unlock new islands in the game. These islands do not only have new foes that you will try it defeat, as they also hold new features that you can activate. These islands include the Forest “Island, the Desert Island and the Swamp Island.


Battle Mania is a highly rewarding slot, but of course, you will not get payouts by getting matching combos on the paylines for one simple reason, there are no paylines. You will go in battles with your warriors, and as you vanquish your foes, you will trigger rewards. The maximum award possible is equal 100,000 coins that you can claim during the Treasure Island feature as you draw the Stone Card.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

The slot game does not have the usual bonuses and features, so you cannot expect to find Pick Me bonuses or scatter symbols. That does not mean that the slot machine does not have plenty of rewards and features. For instance, there are two main free spin rounds, and there are win boosters.

Treasure Island:

The Treasure Island location becomes active every 12 hours, and during your battles at the Treasure Island, all of the payouts that you claim there will have a 25% boost. During your time, if you manage to get the Magic Stone card, you are going to earn the biggest payout available at the game, which is 100,000 coins.

Free Spins:

The game has two main free spin bonuses. The first one is the Villain’s Wave bonus. During this bonus, the game will put you against numerous foes, but lucky you, you will get a crossbow, and you will attack each wave of enemies to earn great rewards and big multipliers. If you survive till the end of the round, you will trigger a 10x multiplier. There is also the Free Battles feature, during which the wins are more valuable and can you can draw Treasure Cards.

Best Online Slots for Real Money
Best Online Slots for Real Money
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£€$ 1000 Bonus
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