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Bring yourself to Betfair for the best fun and excitement right from your favorite armchair at home. It surely couldn’t get better than this.

Betfair online casino has many features and advantages that would make you want to play there. Although, the Zero Lounge has to be the most compelling reason for you to play at Betfair online casino, it’s a place where the house casino hasn’t got any type of advantage. Any wagering is returned 100% to the player. With this kind if stipulation, who wouldn’t play at the Zero Lounge rather than anywhere else?

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To further explain this concept, for example, roulette, in a normal roulette game, the house has better odds than the player by adding the double zero and zero. In order to eliminate any type of house advantage, the zeros get removed. For instance, if the player chooses red or black, the normal roulette game would give the house a two percent advantage with the zeros. In the Zero Lounge, the bets are 50/50, so the house has no advantage over you what so ever. This concept works at all games, not just roulette. Another example is the Zero Black Jack. In a normal Black Jack, the odds are always against the player. For example, the payout from normal Black Jack is always 2 to 1, but Betfair doesn’t settle for normal, as it changed the rules of Black Jack. You have the right to split any kind of cards, except aces, and your payouts are 2 to 1 for a 5 card 21.

It is obvious that this Zero Lounge by Betfair online casino is the place where players go in order to have more payouts coming to their bank accounts. If you can’t find the game you would like to play in the Zero Lounge, then you will defiantly find it in the Main Lounge. Each Lounge has its own set of advantages, the Zero Lounge as mentioned, eliminates any house advantage.  The Main Lounge offers the players with real money promotions and bonuses that can’t be found anywhere else.

When you finish downloading the casino software and you register and sign up, make your first deposit and enjoy the bonus. Then you will have a choice to make, whether you want to join the Zero Lounge or the Main Lounge. Speaking of which, in order to become eligible for the Betfair Bonus you have to do the following. First, you sign up and create an account on Betfair. Then you will have to make your initial money deposit, it is recommended to deposit enough money that will meet the maximum bonus that can be offered, so you can take full advantage of this initial bonus. Then, you need to transfer an amount of money equal to or exceeds 10 pounds to the casino from your account. And voila, the bonus will be added to your account. Also make sure to meet the wagering requirements before you attempt to turn this bonus into real cash, and make sure to play on the games specified by the casino, as some games are excluded from this promotional bonus.

Betfair offers a huge variety of games, so you are guaranteed to find the game you wish to play. It has video poker, slots, scratch cards and live tables. This is not all, there are a lot of other games, some of them are only playable at the Main lounge, and others can be played in Zero Lounge and Main Lounge.



Bonus Information
Bonus Offered
£ 50/€50/$50

Matching Percentage
Free Casino Credit

Free Cash Or No Deposit
No Deposit

Additional Bonuses
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Wager Requirement
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Deciding Factors
Customer Service
Quantity Of Games
Quality Of Graphics
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21GNet RTG

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