Sprint Poker from Bet365 Poker

Players who are into car chases and knuckle rides are in for a treat with the Bet365 Poker’s product, Sprint Poker. Sprint Poker is the fast fold poker version of Bet365 Poker. This game is fast paced and it allows players to go from one table to another as soon as they finish their hand.

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This way, players do not have to wait for long periods of time before engaging in new hands. Simply, the action never stops with Sprint Poker as players will be transferred to a new table where a new hand is being dealt without waiting. One of its advantages is that these tables always have a great pot because they do not have a maximum number of players.

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As if this is not enough, Bet365 Poker is offering players the chance to earn great cash back bonuses through its latest promotion, the “Sprint Cash back bonus”. All that players have to do in order to be eligible for a fifty USD cash back bonus on a weekly basis is to earn ten Merit Points while playing on Sprint Poker.  This means that every merit point is worth five USD in cash back.

So players who hate waiting between poker hands and want to earn fifty USD each week are advised to pay a visit to Bet365 Poker and play on Sprint Poker to enjoy a game of speed, skill and cash back money.

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