Star Spins Slots

You will spin and aim for the stars with this great app “Star Spins Slots.” You can access the app through your iPhone or iPad at any time so you can start enjoying the ultimate slot experience as you rack up stacks of virtual money. Star Spins Slots offer a fast-paced, Vegas-styled action for a top-notch experience that has a lot of in-game features that will keep you entertained and rewarded. So when you download the app, you better be ready to have the excitement, the thrill and the suspense of Las Vegas in your pocket at all times.

App Information

  • The app is free to download
  • The developer is Gamesys Limited.
  • The app is rated 12+
  • Compatible with iOS 7.0 on all Apple Touch devices
  • The application needs 184 MB of free space

Star Spins Slots Offering

Star Spins Slots offers fun and a free gaming experience that you can enjoy in a sophisticated and a high-quality online gaming environment. Such environment recreates the spirit and the ambiance of Las Vegas with its thrill suspense and great rewards. So you will have the chance to enjoy the Las Vegas experience without having to travel, pack and fly there. You will simply access all of the perks of Las Vegas with a few taps on the screen.

Star Spins offers you the chance to enjoy a wide selection of the best slot machines, with new games every once a while, so the variety of slots is always updating. So try them all, spin them all and make your way to become the Star Spinner. Star Spins slots do not involve any real money, nor does it offer any chance to win real prizes or money, it is a free app with virtual money.

The app also offers a VIP experience with an exclusive reward system that will allow you to rack up on great prizes and take advantage of unique perks. Throughout your stay at the app, you will be able to take advantage of many bonuses and offers that can help you reload your credit so you can keep enjoying the games. Although Star Spins Slots’ main attraction is the fruit machines, you will also find Video poker games, Blackjack tables, and Roulette wheels as well.

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