Theatre of Night

Theatre of Night takes you to an enchanted forest that is full of magical creatures as well as many fortunes that you can claim throughout the gameplay.

The new NextGen Gaming slot machine has a five reel setup that is home to 10 wager lines. Notwithstanding the small number of lines, the game manages to be quite rewarding thanks to its high paying symbols and its bonus rounds.

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Theatre of Night is the latest game by NextGen Gaming. The new slot machine has ten lines that appear across the five reels of the slot machine. The game has an enchanted fortress theme that is full of fortunes as well as magical creatures for an overall exciting and a rewarding adventure.

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Slot Overview

Theatre of Night is a new game by NextGen Gaming, and it invites you to enjoy a journey through an enchanted forest. This forest is where many riches are just waiting for you to discover them and claim them. The platform of the woods is where all of the action takes place; it is where all of the mystical creatures live, it is also where they will form winning combos on the reels so you can claim line payouts, trigger the jackpot, get wilds and activate re-spins. You can win up to 600 times the bet, which is thanks to the win both ways function of the game.

The game has a broad betting range that is convenient for all types of players with different gambling budgets. Therefore, you can place a bet that is as small as 0.25 credits per spin, and up to 200 credits per spin. Of course, if you want to claim the big prizes, you should always place the biggest bet.

The new slot is an online slot, and it is playable across different platforms including desktops, laptops, tablets and various mobile devices. Overall the game has a colorful look that is full of sparkles, glitter and bright light, which is fitting to the machine's theme. So if you enjoyed other games like Xing Guardian by Next Gen, then this game will certainly become one of your favorite titles.

The Story behind the Slots’ Theme

Theatre of Night has a bit of a nostalgic feel and theme to it. Do you remember back when you were a child? Just cast your mind back to that glorious era, do you recall reading about fairy tales that were full of mystical creatures and treasures? Well, this is what this game is all about, as this machine looks like something out of the classic fairy tales you read about as a child. You can notice that from the moment you open the game thanks to the magical visuals design of the slot machine. You will see magical creatures, wilds flowers, hummingbirds and fireflies among other things from the fairy tale world appearing on the reels to create an immersive ride.

The game is not about a particular fairy tale, as there is no prince or a princess and there is no plot, but it is about the world of fairy tales. Despite not having a solid story or a specific fairy tale, the game is still engaging, and of course, as one can expect from a Next Gen Gaming title, it is quite rewarding.

Gaming Format and Visuals

Theatre of Night is a Next Gen title that has a five reel setup. These five reels host ten wager lines. While ten betting lines might seem like a small number of lines to some, but the truth is, it is quite rewarding. The high rewarding value of the game is thanks to the high paying symbols that it offers, and the fact that it has the both ways to win function and its special features and bonuses.

The graphics of the slot are mesmerizing and magical, which fits the fairy tale of the title entirely. These visuals are captivating, and this includes every small aspect of the game starting from the background that surrounds the reels, to the symbols that will spin across the reels. The game is in the enchanted forest where the action takes place; this is why you will see a lot of trees and plants surrounding the slot's reels. The symbols will appear floating in mid air in the forest, as there are no clear lines that form the reels of the slot machine.

These symbols include the fairies, the hummingbirds, the wildflowers, the butterflies and the various card suits (spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts). All of the symbols come in beautiful quality that fits the theme of the game.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

Since the game is from the selection of games by Next Gen, it is not a surprise that the game can be quite rewarding. The slot machine can be rewarding whether through its line prizes or with the help of the bonus rounds.

The game has two bonus features that you can claim while enjoying your stay at the slot machine. The first one is called the Wild Feature. Whenever you manage to get the wild, colorful symbol on reels 2, 3 and four during the gameplay, it will replace any of the other symbols to create the best payout possible depending on the rest of the symbols on the lines. If one wild land on each of these reels at the same time, you will enter the Firefly Respins feature.

This feature gives you five free re-spins on the slot machine. During this round, the middle reel is going to turn completely wild. Through this round, you can claim the 600x multiplier, which is the jackpot prize of the game.

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